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The chance to exhale and finally feel excited about your project again! Inside each box you’ll find:

- A set of hard and soft finish samples.  This includes stone, laminate, tiles, paint, soft finishes, specialty finishes and flooring samples including carpet, engineered timber, vinyl plank samples. 

- A styling guide with everything you need to know about how and what you should be doing to style your home. It includes clickable links and detailed 3D render images so you can visualise the outcome before you begin.

- A supplier list for ordering with bonus discount codes included!

And of course, a healthy boost of confidence that you now have everything it takes to create the home or office of your dream

We sure do! Whether you have a Champagne taste (and a Champagne budget to match!) or are seeking stylish solutions on a shoestring, each collection contains ‘save or splurge’ options that give you the flexibility to tailor your finishes to your needs and specific budget.

We strongly believe that good design should be accessible to everyone, no matter your situation. 

If you really want to channel your inner interior designer and nurture your creative vision, we strongly suggest you purchase an entire house package – even if you are only renovating one room. The benefit of this is that you are guaranteed to have a coherent and consistent look throughout your home. You may not be renovating everything all at once, however, having a master plan is always the best way to go. This will save you time and money when moving on to your next project. You can also mix and match the items in the box so having the whole package will give you that flexibility

The faster you move, the quicker you can settle into the home or office of your dreams! Once you have your design and layout, it is time to purchase the box, this way you can easily calculate the necessary amount of materials to order based on the samples we provide. It is best to be in a position where you can order your materials shortly after you receive your box as there can be lead times on products and nobody likes to come up against unexpected delays. 

We understand how it feels to have your heart set on something, only to see the "out of stock" message! So, we always do our absolute best to make sure that the products we recommend are available at the time of purchasing the box.  If, however they are no longer available (these things do happen) and have been discontinued we will provide you with some guidelines and specifications regarding what you should be looking for in a replacement so it will be as easy and as stress-free as possible. Take your sample to the store with you and it will make it a whole lot easier. You can always get in touch with us if you are stuck!  Email us at and we will do our best to help you!

Consider Styl Studio your introduction to the essentials of interior design. Because, while you may not have the budget to pay for a professional, we can still empower you to achieve amazing design results at an affordable price. 

At Styl Studio we understand that paying for the 20+ hours required for a full-service interior designer with product selection is an enormous investment. Our Styl Sets are designed to deliver a similar experience for far less. 

In addition to the contents of the box itself, each Styl Set offers additional value in the form of time saved collating samples as well as extra discount codes. 

And, as well as cutting the costs associated with hiring a professional, ultimately, the benefits (and discount codes) that come from investing in a Styl Set will save you more money than you actually spent on the box.

We LOVE this idea! And, while it's definitely something we are looking to introduce at a later point, at the moment we do not. In the meantime, we encourage you to get creative and experiment by combining the contents of a few of our Styl Sets. All are so reasonably priced that it's affordable for most to purchase two boxes and choose between the two of them.  

At Styl Studio, we're all about creativity, collaboration, and community! Our aim is to build a community of design lovers and are here for you when you need us! We also have a dedicated Facebook group to support you and allow you the space to share your ideas with each other.

If you would like to minimize your environmental impact, and you no longer need the samples you may return them to our studio. Simply email us at and we will take care of the rest and send you a return label.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or refunds for change of mind, due to the nature of intellectual property provided to you at the time of purchase.