with our professional touches

At Styl Studio, we want to empower you to bring your own vision to life! Whether you know what you want but can’t seem to tie it together, or have no clue where to begin, our bespoke end-to-end design kits are here to bridge the gap!

Meet Michal - your styl curator

Hi, I’m Michal Goodman – Colour Designer and Curator at Styl Studio, busy mum to three girls of all ages and one boisterous boy, and self-professed interior renovation addict.

Being the go-to support for many home renovators who feel, ‘stressed’, ‘confused’ and ‘stuck in indecision’, I understand what it’s like trying to create a stunning home aesthetic on your own… desiring all the beautiful quality materials but feeling completely limited by your budget. When the overwhelm sets in, it’s tempting to want to just bust the budget and outsource to a professional.

For many though that just isn’t an option. This is why I decided to use my expertise to do something about it.

With a knack for choosing the most robust finishes that can still withstand messy hands and busy feet, I’ve lovingly hand-picked my favourite selections to curate five easy-to-use bespoke sample sets that will help you design with ease.

Styl Studio’s curated Styl Sets offer peace-of-mind that your final vision will work and look beautiful when brought to life. Our aim is to give you the opportunity to enjoy your renovation, avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress during the process, and ensure you have the confidence you need to be able to feel good about the end result.

Creating a cohesive look has never been easier!