Creating Harmony at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Colour Palette with Styl Studio

Creating Harmony at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Colour Palette with Styl Studio

Discover the secrets to selecting the ideal colour palette for a stylish and harmonious home. With Styl Studio’s expertly curated DIY design kits, the journey to your dream home aesthetic is effortless and rewarding.




1. Drawing Inspiration for Your Home's Colour Story


Begin by finding inspiration that speaks to you. Are you captivated by the calmness of oceanic blues or the energy of citrus hues? Use these preferences as your starting point. Your goal is to choose a palette that makes your space feel like it's truly yours. Remember, the right colour palette can turn home design ideas into living, breathing spaces that tell your story.




2. Understanding the Impact of Lighting


The way colours appear in your home can dramatically change under different lighting conditions. Assess how both natural and artificial light interacts with colours throughout the day to ensure your choices always look their best



3. Achieving Cohesion with Colour


Creating a seamless flow from room to room enhances the overall feel of your home. Selecting a palette that transitions well across spaces is key to a cohesive design. Explore our design kits for creating a unified home aesthetic. 



4. Lifestyle Meets Design


Your chosen colours should not only be beautiful but practical, fitting into your daily life. Whether it's a robust, easy-to-clean paint for a family kitchen or a serene hue for a peaceful study area, our kits are designed with real life in mind.



5. Visualise with Our Curated Design Kits


Seeing is believing. Our design kits allow you to preview your chosen colours in your own space, providing the confidence to make decisions. For a closer look at how these kits can transform your space, visit our DIY design kits showcase.



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6. Effortless Execution with Styl Studio


Conclude your design journey with the ease and confidence that comes with our all-in-one solution. Styl Studio's DIY design kits are meticulously put together to simplify your decision-making process, ensuring that home renovation and interior design projects become a joy rather than a challenge.


Ready to Simplify Your Home Makeover?


At Styl Studio, we are thrilled to offer a simplified path to a designer-look home that resonates with your unique story. Discover the joy of creating a space that’s authentically yours with our colour palettes and design kits, curated just for you


Discover How Our Design Kits Simplify Your Home Makeover



Stay inspired and remember, in the world of design, you’re the artist of your own life,

Michal x

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