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9 tips to surviving, AND enjoying, your renovation!

Yes! It’s possible and here’s how...


9 secrets to surviving and enjoying your renovation

  1. Plan carefully. A well-planned schedule will keep you on track. Having everything planned before you start will avoid delays and costly mistakes. Before you start, make sure you have chosen: paint colours, flooring, lighting, fixtures and fittings for your kitchen/bathroom/laundry, handles, and joinery. 
  2. Set and stick to your budget. If you burn your budget too early your project can drag out for much longer than anticipated. 
  3. Stick to the schedule. The more you stick to the schedule the less anxious you will be. Ask the builders for a detailed schedule and let them know you will be checking in on them.
  4. Know when to splurge and when to save. Some items are not worth spending the extra money on. Choose a few key items that you want to be the hero of your renovation.
  5. Order your materials ASAP! You do not want your project to be delayed because of a backordered item, or to have to choose new materials because the one you chose has been discontinued. 
  6. Be flexible. No matter how well prepared we think we are; home renovations don’t always go as planned.  Accept that this will happen and find ways to manage stress levels and adapt to the change when these issues arise. Budget for unexpected situations to occur that will cost you extra money
  7. Decisions, decisions... Don’t overthink everything! Overthinking will likely delay the progress. Trust your judgment and make a decision based on the information you have.  
  8. Look at the positive. You are making your dreams come true and the end result will be well worth the wait.  
  9. Keep things in perspective. This is a renovation, not a life-or-death situation. Approach any issues with this mindset and you are set to stay focused. Keep the end goal in mind – the finished product.

Most importantly, enjoy the process! You might surprise yourself at how enjoyable it can be – with the right mindset.

Have any tips that worked for you? We want to hear about them so we can share them with our community. Email us at hello@stylstudio.com.au

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