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7 Ways To Get A Designer Look On A Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to bring some fresh updates to your home and make it look expensive.

These design tips will show you how to give your home a designer look on a budget.


1: Plan in advance

Planning the finishes, products, and furniture in advance will save you from having to make last-minute purchases that cost you more than you would have liked to spend.


2: Choose timeless pieces  

Your home will stand the test of time and remain current. Stick to neutral colour schemes and use splashes of colour on inexpensive home décor pieces. 


3: Splurge on a few key areas

Choose where you want to save and splurge.   Consider which areas in your home you want to use cost-effective options – like the kid’s bedroom and play areas.  There are plenty of beautiful budget options out there. Be more selective about buying high-end furniture and fittings.


4: Embrace the “work in progress” mindset

When working on a budget, chances are you will not get to renovate or redecorate your entire home in one go. Try to let go if things are not perfect everywhere. Remember that it will take time and is a work in progress.  The end result will be worth the wait.


5: Look for products that offer good value

With each material choice, consider all options.  Some materials are far more expensive than others but don’t really make much of a difference in look and functionality.  Some higher-end materials can also be higher maintenance.


6: Get inspiration online

Pinterest and Interior Design websites are great sources of inspiration.  Websites like Temple & Webster and Zanui are great for finding designer look furniture and homewares at affordable prices.


7: Purchase products on sale

You can save a lot of money by buying discontinued models, showroom specials, and floor stock. Creating a designer look on a budget takes a little extra time, but it certainly is achievable.



Good luck and thanks for reading!


Michal x


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